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VÄLAÍSS Cosmetics combats natural aging and pursues timeless beauty through the combination of the Alpine Rose extract and the Swiss Apple stem cells – Winner of the European Innovation ‘Best Active Ingredient’ for best results in protecting and reversing aging skin.


Our skincare products are made of carefully-selected, natural ingredients sourced from the Swiss Alps that aid in boosting your skin health and minimise the risk of reactions to harsh chemical substances.


We help you curate a beauty regimen that does exactly what you need it to do, so that you feel good inside out.


With over 12 years of experience, we have perfected the art of making Anti-Aging skin care products with the most advanced and groundbreaking technology in the skincare industry.


Our Skincare Range

One fundamental aspect of personal care is keeping our skin looking and feeling soft and hydrated.

The right products and ingredients help combate the effects of aging skin and retain that glowing and youthful skin look we desire.

After spending years working with industry leaders, Valaiss has perfected the art of making Anti-Aging skincare products. Our goal is to be an innovative and exclusive brand with the most advanced and absolute best skincare products in the industry.










What Clients Say About Us

I had a wonderful experience at Nex Valaiss. The staff was patient enough to explain to me in details of the products and what it does. Feng Ting & Desa also show case several other products that may have been of interest to me. With their help, I've bought and tried the product and my skin has never been so moist and radiant before. The product really does wonders in a short time spent of about a month plus!

Jacqueline Ho

After using Valaiss products, I feel my skin tightening, showing less wrinkles and brighter. Special thanks to Linnie for her magical fingers. After a few treatments, I feel more confident, and I look and feel years younger! Feng Ting and Arnie are also very professional in their recommendations.

Stephanie Wright

It was a worthwhile experience with the Valaiss consultants from the start. Feng Ting and Arnie were patient and professional in answering my inquiries about their products and services. They analysed my skin and gave me practical advice. They also did such a good job that my skin was rejuvenated after just one session. Highly recommended!

Les Tan

I was struggling with dry skin and uneven face tone. After using Valaiss day and night cream with their face oil, my face become fresh and youthful. I have been using this product for more than 5 months now and the result was very good! With their weekly or monthly face treatment, worth it to give a try.

Sharmila Ramachandran

I have been using the product for more than a month now and the day cream has been my favourite start up of the day product. It gives a really glowy look! I really appreciate and feel welcome with the way the staffs provide their services and assistance. I would recommend the product to my closed ones definitely!

Elly Afrina

First two weeks of using this product, I've seen a lot of improvements on my face! My friends told me that I’m younger looking at my age! I’m so grateful for that. For me, it's a highly recommended product! I’m very thankful also to Leny for assisting me so well. She told me very clearly and detailed of how I should use this product, and it works for me after using this!

Aniana Isaac

I’m so happy of the result on my skin from using your products – the day cream, night cream, the collagen mask and the facial treatments you offered me. All of your staff are very supportive, easy to go with and friendly. Thanks to Leny who introduced the products and thanks to all your staff here at Valaiss NEX. I'm a happy client here, wishing more luck in your business! Thank you also to Feng ting who is so lovable and jolly to talk with.

Rosita Estigoy

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